How often have you realised, far too late, that someone completely misunderstood something you said?

Or that the brilliant idea you’ve just spent hours discussing with your team suddenly doesn’t seem so clear now you sit down at your desk to start planning how you are going to make it happen?

We don’t always hear each other clearly, we don’t always take away a common understanding from a meeting and we don’t always see clearly how our customers and prospects view our products and services. As a result, we spend a lot of time feeling confused about how to do our best work and achieve what we want to.

These are exactly the kinds of problems my consultancy solves and, better, prevents.

I am most often commissioned for work involving:
  • Marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Digital content & social media community management
  • Programme & change management for digital adoption projects
  • Persuasive, brand or values led copywriting for external and internal comms

These are all things I love to do and to help teach you how to do yourself, with  your existing team and resources.  I love any kind of knotty problem that involves people and communication.

If you have one of those, whether it fits in the list above or not, get in touch for a free consultation. I am always keen to meet new people so let’s talk over a coffee to see if I can help.